Anecdote Exhibition in Port Chester, NY.

    The Drive East . . . SD Badlands!

    These are a few quick snapshots of the South Dakota Badlands just past the BLack Hills in the West half of the state. I was on my way cross-country to NY State and drove through. Holy Frijoles its a bizarre landscape right in the middle of the prairie.

      A new guy speaks…

      Hi everyone. I’m in my 3rd month of residenthood… residence… residentiary (?) at the Bray, and thought it was time to try out the blog. My name is Andrew Casto, but most people, other than my parents, call me Andy. You can see my work here on the site. And in case you hadn’t noticed, that picture by my name in the “Blog Authors” section isn’t actually me (sigh)… it’s former Laker tough guy and all around stud Kurt Rambis. What a gem he was. Anyways… for introductions sake, here’s what I look like when I’m not in the studio:

      and this is what I’m listening to lately when I’m in the studio:

      and this is what I’m reading when I need a break from the studio:

      If you’re reading this, you must be at least somewhat interested in what’s going on up here, and for that we all thank you. The Bray has been outstanding for me so far, and I highly recommend stopping by for a visit when you can.

        Resident Staff Lunch Extravaganza

        Once a month the Bray residents and staff get together for a culinary delight. A couple residents and staff team up and cook lunch for the whole group. It has become a great tradition and a nice chance for everyone to take a breather from their studios or desks  and just hang out and catch up. Here are a few photos from today’s PIZZA EXTRAVAGANZA!

          New Kilns

          Josh from the Clay Biz installing two new Skutt 1227’s in the Shaner Building Kiln Room.

          Another reason why being a resident at the Bray is awesome.

            Stunning Sunsets

            View from the summer studio one of these summer evenings

              Volunteer Appreciation Partay!

              Sean- Secretly Italian- O'Connell! This man had supposedly never tossed pizza before today. We're pretty sure he's bluffing because he 'became' an instant pro!

                2011 Summer Residents

                The excitement never stops around the Bray. This year’s summer residents began in the studio at the beginning of July and have been working hard for the last month. Most of them arrived in late June to help out with the 60th anniversary festivities. Since they moved in they have been hard at work, cranking out new pieces, exploring Montana and making some amazing food. Even though this summer’s residency is a bit shorter than usual they hit the ground running and have gotten a lot accomplished. This group has done amazing job of keeping up the energy level at the Bray. Here are a few images to show what has been happening in the summer studio.


                  A quick posting of a few snapshots from the annual Bray Float down the mighty Missouri River.

                    We take our meals seriously. Seriously.

                    Andy Brayman and Eric Kao redefine Chinese Food in Helena.

                    Bobby Silverman double checks his spices.

                    Linda Sormin know that everything is better on a stick.

                    John Balistreri and his signature wings.

                    Ayumi jazzes up the frozen pizza she received for her birthday!!!

                    Nick Bivens slices the pie made by his lovely lady Nicole.