First week at the Bray

My first impression at the Bray is how much the people who work here feel connected to the history and the place.  For me there was an instant sense of home here and connection with the Bray’s long tradition of ceramic history.  For the month of June, I’m lucky enough to be brought out here with a group of 10 artists, to explore what it means to be working on the “edge” of new technologies and its intersection with ceramics.  The combination of a beautiful tradition and new explorations has made my first week ever at the Bray both exciting and endearing.  Everyday here so far has been a whirlwind of sharing ideas, wisdom, and kindness.

The back yard at the Bray with all the remnants of it's history.

After a community dinner we all took a break to enjoy the fine bit of sun that peaked out of the clouds, leaving us with a gorgeous rainbow.  A much welcomed break from all the time in front of a computer.

One of the highlights of this gathering is all of the great new equipment that arrived for the event.  A moment when we all got a good look a the ceramic 3D printer that John Balistreri generously brought out for us all to experiment with.  We’ve been so fortunate to have Mark Hall and Greg Pugh here to help us all out with the technologies.  As you can see we have kept Mark running this first week.

Chad Curtis, David Reed, James Kline, Mark Hall, Rachel Hicks, Steven Lee, John Williams, Bobby Silverman, checking out the first print of the month.

And of course meal times together are always special amongst a group of ceramic folks.

Ayumi Horie and little Max Brayman happy about whats cookin' in the kitchen.

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hope you guys enjoy my Grandson. Take care of him. <3

  2. Kelly Goodman Daniels Says:

    Hi Jen,
    It’s great to see you are having a wonderful time out there. We miss you here in Chico!