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We take our meals seriously. Seriously.

    Lending Library (of Cups) Comes to the Archie Bray

    Potters as a group are particularly interested in the interaction between the things they make and the people who use them. The Artstream Ceramic Library grew out of a desire to explore this social exchange, rather than the usual monetary exchange. It grew out of wanting to extend and expand what was already happening in […]

      On Edge.

      My name is Eric Kao and I am the Deputy Director of The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China.  Two weeks ago I was boarding a “K”-train in Jingdezhen.  After 16 hours on a train, one flight cancellation in Shanghai and 16 more hours on various planes, I landed in Montana.  I was charmed by the […]

        First week at the Bray

        My first impression at the Bray is how much the people who work here feel connected to the history and the place.  For me there was an instant sense of home here and connection with the Bray’s long tradition of ceramic history.  For the month of June, I’m lucky enough to be brought out here […]

          Why I love the Archie Bray

          The Archie Bray Foundation is the oldest and arguably the best ceramics residency in the world. Founded in 1951 and based in Helena, Montana, the Bray is situated on the grounds of a historic brick factory. It‘s a place infused with history, yet boasts state of the art facilities along with the brightest artists in […]

            The boats I’ve been working on..