Count Down to Mother’s Day!

This Saturday, May 7th, the Bray will hold it’s annual Mother’s Day Sale!  This is a super fun day and serves as a fundraiser for the Bray as well as the Farm in the Dell.  We have been prepping for Mother’s Day for a bit now.  It started with making planters as witnessed on the blog in March… coincidently on National Corn Dog Day!  And then we loaded up the salt kiln twice to fire the planters!

Martha and Kenyon each volunteered to fire the salt kiln!

Picking up our newly planted planters at Farm in the Dell

After all the work was fired, we delivered over 300 planers to Farmer in the Dell where they planted flowers and herbs!  They did an outstanding job!  Notice Kenyan’s large hanging planters!

Matthew picking up raked piles all day!

Kenyon with Hanging Planter Head!

We just picked up the planters on Tuesday!  So, now we have to tidy up to prepare for all of our visitors ! A day of yard work and our grounds are stunning!  So we are ready for our Mother’s Day Sale and hope to see you!

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  1. Steven Young Lee Says:

    Kenyon should wear that planter all the time!