Bray Brew at the Blackfoot Brewing Company

This morning I stopped by the Blackfoot River Brewing Company to check up on the bottling process of a special brewed Belgium Strong Ale  made for this summer’s 60th anniversary event….we like to call it the Bray Brew! Resident artists Courtney Murphy, Kenyon Hansen, Nick Bivins and Kensuke Yamada volunteered to help with the process.

There will only be 500-750ml bottles available and will be on sale during the event. Don’t worry we will let you know when that happens….you don’t want to miss out.  Special thanks to the Blackfoot and Tim Chisman for making it all happen.

Sorry about the photos not being turned the right way…the program wouldn’t let me rotate them for some reason. I will try again later. For now, I guess you just have to tilt your head a little :)

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