Throwing day for Mother’s Day Pots and Plants Sale and National Corndog Day celebration

On Saturday morning all the residents pulled theirs wheels and tables out into the Resident Center hallway and starting creating beautiful flower pots and vases for this years Mother’s Day Pots and Plants Sale that we have in May. The throwing day is an annual event and is always full of fun. This year though….for those who don’t know Saturday was also National Corndog Day so we  decided to have an impromptu celebration.

48 all beef hotdogs, 4 packages of cornbread mix, one large burner with lots of peanut oil, 7 pounds of tater-tots and french fries, 2 packages of dough for doughnuts, ping-pong table and a handful of people excited to make corndogs=one fun and messy National Corndog Day celebration!

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  1. Steven Young Lee Says:

    The corn dogs were a work of art.