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Kelly Garrett Rathbone in the studio

So it’s after 5 on Friday and I am doing a little more Facebook stalking. I saw these pieces in Kelly’s studio the other day and I am glad she had posted a picture because I can now show you how amazing they are. And check out the huge pot she has been working on. […]

    Kenyon’s working hard

    I just stole these photos off of Kenyon’s facebook page. He has been working hard getting ready for a wood-kiln he is hoping to load and fire next week. I love these forms he is making. I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are all fired and done.


      Sean Erwin committed to the BBQ despite the cold.

        • Daniela Abel said... T-shirt and FlipFlops ?
        • Rachel Hicks said... Impressive for a guy from Florida!

      Kensuke on fire!

        The beginning of the Pottery

        I spent a while this morning looking through historical photographs of the grounds for an exhibition taking place at Exploration Works (the children’s science museum downtown) this summer. While looking through all the old scrap books I came across some amazing old photos of when the Pottery building was first being built in 1951 and […]

          Congratulations Aaron Benson!

          Awesome news! Aaron Benson has been accepted into the MFA program at Alfred University…. Congrats Aaron!

            • Seth Green said... Congrats to you too A-Ron! Your ready for it!!
            • rachelhicks said... Congratulation Aaron! Way to go!

          KP Duty

          Almost done with KP for this week.  Hope Matthew is ready for his rotation!

            • kenyon said... I think that dirt just fell off of Kens pants.
            • aaron said... GREAT JOB!!! Are you sure you didnt get some of that dirt from Ken's studio to make it look that dirtly?

          Empty Bowls!

          Thanks to volunteers, residents, staff, family and community members, our Empty Bowl day of making is right on track! Now we need to trim…

            new ideas

              Kensuke loading his small army.

              Check out Kensuke with his new work!